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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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Embedding animated maps of OpenWebGIS in your sites or blogs

Now the new opportunity has appeared to embed animated maps in your site or blog. Have a look at the example of such embedding on the Map 1 and in Figure 1 (source map).

Figure 1.

Animated maps in OpenWebGIS are understood as maps, on which there are layers containing the attribute with the date/time values and where with the help of the "Time Line" function is started the process of  layer changes drawing according to date/time changes.
Instruction on how to animate your OpenWebGIS map can be read in this article: http://openwebgis.livejournal.com/643.html or see this video:

You don`t need any longer to create a video for your readers to see your map dynamics or  write the instructions about what button they need to press to start anomation. After map embedding acoording to instructions given in this article, the map will be automatically animated with your settings.
Please use the embedding interractive map - Map 1 and read more information in this article: http://openwebgisystem.blogspot.ru/2015/04/embedding-animated-maps-of-openwebgis.html