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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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Use maps and sensors in your phone as one tool with the help of OpenWebGIS

Now, many phones, smartphones, tablets and so on (your mobile devices) have accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic field sensors, light (illumination) sensors, pressure sensors, etc. Data from these sensors is used in various applications for Android (hereinafter, it will be written about the use of sensors in the operating system Android). For different purposes, it may be useful not only to get (detect the parameters changes) the sensor output at any time, but to collect them during a large period of time with the reference to the space (map). For example it will be interesting to measure the illumination of the night streets in your city block, then interpolate these data and mathematically determine places where it is necessary to add a street lamp, or identify places where there is more magnetic field strength. It may be interesting to follow the direction change of your phone in space and in time according to cardinal points or follow your phone rotation angles according to the axes (x, y, z), for example so you can determine the moments when the phone is next to your ear during a call.

You can collect sensor data and refer them to the geographical coordinates in OpenWebGIS. Please read more information about it here