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Mapping information from Paleobiology and Global Biodiversity databases in OpenWebGIS

This article tells about working with Databases Paleobiology Database (PaleoBioDB) and The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) using an open source Geographic information system OpenWebGIS.
The data selecting from these DBs and mapping the results using OpenWebGIS was discussed in the following articles: "The information tools (data base and GIS) to help paleontologists in their scientific researches", "New feature of OpenWebGIS - mapping data from GBIF, and new Contributor".  From the article "200 million years of the dinosaurs life (sauropods) in a few seconds on the map" the following conclusion can be made, that in OpenWebGIS it is possible not only to visualize on the map data from these databases but also analyze it without using other software.
Currenlly OpenWebGIS team continues to optimize and increase the convenience to users of selecting and mapping this information. Previously only few fields were sampled from the Paleobiology Database, but now all fields are selected.
Please read more information here.
Tags: gbif, global biodiversity information facility, openwebgis, paleobiodb, paleobiology database
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