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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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Integration of OpenWebGIS with OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia
Integration of OpenWebGIS with OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, which have very large functionality, certainly gives many new opportunities to OpenWebGIS. In this report I will only describe changes appeared after integrating with Wikipedia, as it happened just now. Now you can get information about objects from Wikipedia, and apply them on the map, if they have geographic coordinates. This can be done in two ways:
1) Enter the object of interest into the search of Wikipedia, and then click on the name in the list, and the information about object will be added to the map, in its attributes there will be a brief description and a link to a page in Wikipedia.
2) Press the options button next to the search line of Wikipedia, in the dialog box you need to enter the coordinates of the point around which you want to find all the objects being described in Wikipedia, click on the button (OK-select around the point) and you will produce a layer with these objects (but in this case there is not the link to a page on Wikipedia in the attributes, it will probably be added in the future)

Look at tis video about it: