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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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Non-standard use of Web GIS on the example of OpenWebGIS functionality
In this article we consider the use OpenWebGIS, as one of the free Web GISs for analyzing of buildings drawings, as well as mapping and measurement of small-scale objects that are demanded in archeology, architecture, biology, medicine and other fields of human activity. Tell me, how many online Web GISs can use the maximum zooming ratio of more than 19? Those Web GISs which use OpenStreetMap as a base map, generally have a maximum zoom to 19. Those Web GISs which use Google Maps as a base map, can increase to no more than 19-20, but in some cases this range depends on where you are looking at. Some places only have zoom levels of 15, where as other places have 23 (or possibly more). There are situations when the user needs or simply is interested in applying on the building plan on the geographic map in the form of a vector layer. It is also often necessary to overlay the scanned image or photo of the drawing, like an old plan and analyze them. If it will be possible to make the successfully georeferenced drawing, then with the help of GIS you can measure the length or area of small-scale objects, the size of which is not specified in the plan or was not previously known. It is desirable to colorfully highlight the objects of interest and select the color and thickness of lines, depending on their length or importance. OpenWebGIS allows you to make all of mentioned above online.
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