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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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OpenWebGIS 3D Infographics - The world`s major cities population
Infographics: the world`s major cities population



1. Open the site OpenWebGIS http://opengis.dlinkddns.com/ or http://opengis.dlinkddns.com/gis/opengis_eng.html

2. Deactivate the layer "Rivers"
3. Click on the button 3d_off"Add 3d Map. Globe" on the top of the map. Settings window for constructing 3D maps will appear. Click the checkbox "additional options for 3d (add height)" to set the parameters for the construction of a vector layer attribute height on the 3D map. Set all the options as shown in the figure below.
4. Click on the OK button and you will get the result as shown in the next figure.
5. For working with the 3D map use these navigation instructions:
Pan view: Left click + drag;
Zoom view: Right click + drag, or Mouse wheel scroll;
Rotate view: Middle click + drag, or CTRL + Left click + drag.