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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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OpenWebGIS: Changing the sky (background) around the Earth in 3D View.
OpenWebGIS: Changing the sky (background) around the Earth in 3D View.
This function of OpenWebGIS can be useful for creating remarkable presentations in which the Earth Globe is applied.

The instruction for this function:

1. In order to open the 3D map you must first click on the button 3d_offin the upper right corner of the map. This button has the title "Add 3d Map. Globe ". There will be a pop-up window in which you can set the desired options.
Figure 1.

2. Click button OK in pop-up window with 3D options and you will get View of Earth. In 3D map base layer “Natural Earth II” was selected.
Figure 2.

3. For working with the 3D map use these navigation instructions:
Pan view: Left click + drag;
Zoom view: Right click + drag, or Mouse wheel scroll;
Rotate view: Middle click + drag, or CTRL + Left click + drag.

4. In order to show major cities population on the Globe in 3D, activate the layer "Cities" in the list of layers on the left of the map. Then select options of the 3D map as shown in Figure 3a and press the button “Update”. You will get the view as shown in Figure 3a and Figure 3b.

Figure 3a.
Figure 3b.

5. Click the sign  “_change Sky” in order to get the setting options of the Sky (background).
Select the Image object for each of the six cube (sky box) map faces. A sky box around the Globe is used to draw stars or other objects. The sky box is defined using the True Equator Mean Equinox (TEME) axes. This is only supported in 3D. The sky box is faded out when morphing to 2D or Columbus view. Set the options as shown in Figure 4.
Figure 4.
5. The images to demonstrate OpenWebGIS opportunities are taken from the site of NASA:
Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula,
N11: Star Clouds of the LMC,
Star Cluster R136 Bursts Out,
Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula,
The Rippled Red Ribbons of SNR 0509,
Stars and Dust Pillars in NGC 7822 from WISE.
Read about 3D maps in OpenWebGIS in more details here: OpenWebGIS is now in 3D! , Creating a 3D city model in OpenWebGIS (Extruding 2D polygons to 3D) and OpenWebGIS 3D Infographics - The world`s major cities population

Other variants of the 3D view and the Sky (background) are shown below: