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Animation with the help of OpenWebGIS of Atlantic Hurricane Tracks 1851-2004
Animation with the help of OpenWebGIS of Historical North Atlantic Hurricane Tracks 1851-2004.

OpenWebGIS is open and free online geographical information system.
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1. Select the name of layer Hurricanes1851-2004 in /Editable Layer/ drop-down list,
2. Click on menu item /View/-> /Time Line/,
3. In opened popup window select the field with date – DATEYEAR,
4. You can move this window if you select menu item /Interface/-> /Switch to interface drag/,
5. Specify suitable for you parameters of animation and press the play button ,
6. Next to each segment of the track the wind speed WIND_MPH is labeled,
7. You can change the legend of the layer if you click on a word legend under the layer name in the list on the left of the map and then click on the drop-down list.

Information of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Tropical Prediction
Center/National Hurricane Center. Online_Linkage:
Shapefile was downloaded from
For more comfortable work in OpenWebGIS in the attributive table the columns link1, link2 и dateyear, date were added with the dates in the standard format ISO 8601.
For more information on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, please see:
For more information on tropical cyclone advisories, please see:

The detailed video about track of Hurricane_Katrina in august 2005 you can see here:


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