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Remarkable integration of OpenWebGIS with 'OSM Buildings' JavaScript library

In OpenWebGIS an interesting and remarkable 'OSM Buildings' JavaScript library for visualizing OpenStreetMaps building geometry on interactive maps has been integrated. 'OSM Buildings' create a 3D representation of buildings from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data on a 2D map. OSM Buildings does not generate a real 3D model but uses an intelligent shading method to make buildings appear ‘3D’.

Figure 1.

1. In order to open the 'OSM Buildings' map you must first click on the button osmb_off in the upper right corner of the map. This button has the title "OSM Buildings. Click for visualizing OpenStreetMaps building geometry …". After that in the list of layers on the left of the map there will be the new layer “OSM buildings” with like “3D” OSM buildings. See the Figure 2 to get more information. In this figure you see the centre of Paris. You can use this map to get immediately the extent of the map as shown in the Figure 2 and then click the button 'OSM Buildings'.

Figure 2.

2. When using 'OSM Buildings',you should consider that this library for creating buildings geometry uses OpenStreetMap Tags such as height, building:height, levels, building:levels.
But  only 1.56% of the buildings in OSM have a height specified. 2.87%  has a known number of floors (levels). This information is taken from here http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/?key=building#combinations. That is why you will not be able to see 'OSM Buildings' everywhere in the map. As a rule it is functioning in the centers of large cities.

Get 'OSM Buildings' JavaScript library: https://github.com/kekscom/osmbuildings.
Read more information about 'OSM Buildings': http://osmbuildings.org/examples
Copyright (c) 2014, OSM Buildings, Jan Marsch All rights reserved.

3. In the figures below the buildings geometry is shown for different cities and it is done in various basic layers.