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OpenWebGIS is online Geographic Information System

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The meteorological service based on OpenWebGIS
The meteorological service based on OpenWebGIS has been created and the data for it has been provided by: Meteorological Service of Environment Canada OWS Data Server:


Meteorological Service of Environment Canada is a very useful service. By web-link there are not any layers such as ‘Water retained on the vegetation (kg/m2)’,’ Water in the snow pack (kg/m2)’, Soil volumetric ice content (m3/m3), Soil volumetric water content (Superficial) (m3/m3) and there is no legend for some layers. You can get the full version of the service from the project file projectMeteoWGS.owg. Download this file and add to the OpenWebGIS with help menu item "Project->Load Project file".

Environment Canada's Meteorological Service of Canada now provides global and regional weather prediction layers to the public in WMS and KML via a new service called 'GeoMet'. Here's the link to the WMS GetCapabilities and the KML file for Google Earth. For Esri users, here's the ArcGIS Online map with the layers (select which layers you want displayed). From the project's page: "Meteorological layers are dynamically served through the Web Map Service (WMS) standard to enable end-users to display meteorological data within their own tools and on interactive web maps, and served through KML standard for easy display in tools such as Google Earth™. This service is aimed at specialized users and developers with good meteorological and information technology knowledge who want to visualize raw NWP models and the weather radar mosaic layers in common geospatial tools; want to integrate meteorological layers into their own platforms, or; want to display meteorological layers on interactive web maps for the web or on mobile devices."