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GIS analysis in crime prevention through environmental design
New startup project Skymark Geospatial solutions (SGS) has done the interesting and useful GIS analysis of crime and environmental design.
The Research of SGS is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
The following software was used in this work: ArcMap 10.1 and Open Source software named as Quantum GIS.

The research authors: Arnav Dutta and Team.

The purpose of CPTED is to provide a variety of analysis to determine on how we can make our area secure.
CPTED works on the basis of crime incidents with data collected from various Police departments. It works on the basis of how we can make our world a safer place to live in.
This demo of CPTED was performed on one of main areas of Pune so-called Senapati Bapat Road and Model colony. Crime is increasing so rapidly as to stop it from happening has become a great nuisance and with everyday evolving infrastructure we can help reduce the crime with the help of GIS.

GIS softwares provide various spatial analysis tools which help us in determining numerous hotspots of crime or other incidents or event data. Similar to crime we can also map the emergency call data which is received on various emergency helpline numbers in different countries.
In this project, a model is generated in ArcMap 10.1 and after running the model an analysis is performed of how we should plan city infrastructure in Open Source software named as Quantum GIS.
We have taken into consideration the electric poles and their working conditions and also the points where poles were located. We have taken into consideration for our analysis the various crime events which have taken place. We have focused on three major crime events which generally take place in our study area which are chain snatching, robbery, burglary etc.
Also there were issues with the data received from police stations, since, due to security reasons we were not provided the entire data and also as this project was a demo based project to help police and other people understand that how GIS can empower their world and make them live freely and peacefully.

Analysis of CPTED:
Initial data was based on image obtained from Pune Municipal and it was taken as a base map to work on. The few screenshots are attached which will help you know how and what was done in this project.

Figure 1: - Base image layer

This layer was digitized and used for further analysis .The model was generated to facilitate the process so that we can reach to our main result, Model was build using ArcMap model builder as shown below.
Figure 2: - CPTED Model. If you have any questions about CPTED in higher resolution, please, contact the authors. It is know-how of developers!

Figure 3:- High Spot Region in middle of city. And Red dots are Crime locations.