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Open source software in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development

I offer to express our gratitude to the community of open source software for the creation, improvement and promotion of open source software that allows to the wide range of people to use advanced information technology in their work, daily activities and scientific research, free and absolutely legal, without severe restrictions of proprietary software. Open source software provides greater freedom in developing new technologies and improving existing ones. And if a few years ago open source software sometimes significantly conceded to proprietary software in functionality. And it was difficult to learn and use - required extensive special knowledge and experience, but now, open source software is comparable in functionality and often it is very easy to install, use or modification.
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Open source software can be installed without any restrictions, used, modified, distributed in all scientific, educational institutions, offices, personal computers, in all government and commercial organizations and institutions, according to the General Public License GNU (GPL) and BSD and others.
Taking into account this all, I believe that in scientific research it is often more effective to use open source software.
I suppose that it is easier to build and complete open source software for the needs of the scientific organization and individual researchers, rather than to wait for the owners of proprietary software to offer necessary additional applications. This agrees well with an open scientific process of software development and problem solving, where the speed is important in implementing solutions and the ability to fix something instantly.
In the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development, there are two powerful centers of attraction of Open source software for GIS:
The first center is OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial Foundation) - uncommercial foundation, patronizing the development of open source software for geographic information systems (GIS).
The official mission of the fund is to support the development of open source software for GIS and promote its widespread use.
The second center is Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC, Open Geospatial Consortium) earlier called the OpenGIS Consortium (OpenGIS Consortium).
It is an uncommercial organization created by leading developers of software and hardware in the field of geoinformatics and remote sensing. Many competing commercial companies (ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, etc.) have joined their forces in order to achieve interoperability of their developments. This compatibility is necessary for the free exchange of geo-information and creation of a standard environment of interaction for GIS software from different vendors. Accordingly, the main task of OGC is the development of technical requirements (specifications) to software systems, ensuring interoperability.
The new actively developing online GIS under the name OpenWebGIS supports and implements the ideology of open source software.
For this project, the following software was selected:
See other software here.
Currently OpenWebGIS may be still an insufficiently developed and powerful system, and it still requires some improvement, but now, in my opinion, it gives to its users fast and efficient decisions in some challenges faced by them in the field of GIS technology.

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